• Branded SMS Messaging

  • Branded Messaging Is
    More Secure

    Spammers and Phishers can't send them
  • Branded Messaging Is
    More Trusted

    customers can be assured of the authenticity of your communications
  • Branded Messaging Is
    More Beautiful

    Messages contain company logo, tag line, and color scheme
  • Branded Messaging Is
    More Visible

    Messages stand out and get read!

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We provide enterprise messaging solutions that are easy to use and competitively priced.


With over 12 years in the telecom industry, MessagePost has been built for enterprise level stability, reliability, and uptime. With an SLA of 99.99, we’ll be there when you need us.


Whether by country, by region, or worldwide, MessagePost has you covered with messaging access to the entire planet.


With detailed reports, charts and graphs, you’ll always be able to understand your organization’s messaging statistics, including delivery reports, bounces, replies, and more.


Our messaging API is REST-based and easy to use. And our documentation is succinct, well written, and includes cut-and-paste examples in multiple programming languages.


We’re built for high-volume; regardless of size or quantity, we’ll handle each message you send quickly and efficiently.


MessagePost is invested in our customers’ success. We’ll be there for you from the beginning with technical and non-technical support, and we’ll be there when you need us, with 24-hour ticket-based support, and direct phone support during business hours.


MessagePost offers additional custom features including message branding and automated text responses via our MPBOT.

Message Branding

Message Branding

Make your text messages instantly recognizable by branding them with your company name, logo, tagline and banner image! Displaying your company name, instead of an unknown number, will not only improve brand awareness, but increase the likelihood customers will trust and view your messages. Contact us to learn more about adding branding to your company's messages.


MPBot is an additional chatbot service offered by MessagePost to help respond to customer text messages. MPBot can be configured to answer customer support questions without the need for a live agent. For example, a company may send out a promotional offer to customers as part of their marketing campaign. If customers respond to the text message with questions, MPBot could respond back via text with the appropriate answers. Contact us to learn more about creating a custom chatbot for your company.

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automate text responses via MPBOT

Our Pricing

MessagePost pricing for USA/ Canada (Most other countries available; contact us for rates).


  • SMS and branded messages $0.01 each
  • MMS messages $0.04 each
  • $12 monthly fee
  • Volume discounts available
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